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F+E-Kolloquium der Pädagogischen Hochschule Luzern

Teaching Professional Assessment in Australia – Lessons Unlearnt?

Australia’s Institute for Teaching and School Leadership, a national education regulatory body, has recently decreed that all final-year students of teacher education courses must successfully complete a Teaching Performance Assessment (TPA). A TPA typically provides evidence on a graduating teacher’s capacity to: plan and organise; ‘convey’; and assess students’ understanding of their teaching; and analytically reflect on its impact and scope for improvement. This seminar will report broadly on matters with regard to the establishment and administration of TPAs in Australia, as well as some lessons learnt, or unlearnt, internationally. In particular, it will focus on the implementation of the TPA at the University of Technology Sydney. As part of the project, interviews or focus groups were conducted with the lecturer who administered the TPA, and 15 volunteer students. Subject documents and TPA assessment tasks were also examined. In addition, 19 students responded to an online survey posing questions regarding professional readiness and confidence. Several matters arose with regard to future administration of the TPA, including cost, and moderation, both within the institution and with other institutions. Matters of equity also arose, with regard to assessment by a university academic, removed from contextual knowledge of the context of the Professional Experience in which the TPA was undertaken, and assessment by an academic without the content knowledge related to the subject. More broadly, the seminar will report on hopes and fears about how the TPA might shape the teaching profession, and public perceptions thereof.

Referent: Prof. Dr. John Buchanan, University of Technology Sydney, Australia
Korreferentin: Prof. Dr. Dorothee Brovelli, PH Luzern

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